Top 5 Reasons Why Jessica Sanchez Didn’t Get Enough Votes To Win American Idol

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Social, Uncategorized
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Photo Credit: Jen Lowery/Splash News

Filipinos all over the world were in shock when the American Idol season 11 winner was announced this morning. Jessica Sanchez, half-Pinay, didn’t win. All our collective efforts from campaigning amongst ourselves, to calling and reminding our relatives in the US to call in their votes, to online voting ourselves even though we’re not eligible, and even the tactic of changing our computer’s system timezone just to be able to vote through Skype, all went for naught.

Whoever said that Pinoys will always win contests based on online & text voting was proven wrong today.

Here’s why I think not enough votes were cast for Jessica Sanchez:

1. There was a technicality. AI organizers didn’t count text votes that said, “j!$$!c@ p0wh!”. If a lot of Pinoys don’t get jeje, I’m pretty sure AI organizers couldn’t get it either.

2. Another technicality. Some votes came in for Jessica Soho and Jessica Zafra. We all know how some Filipinos mix up family names that easily.

3. A lot of Pinoy votes didn’t make it to the cut-off. Filipino time.

4. Not following directions. A lot of Pinoys used their Sun Cellular phones to vote because it’s their phone with UNLITEXT (para tipid).

5. And lastly, there were millions of Pinoys ready to vote as instructed. But they were waiting for the sample ballot that had a P50 bill attached to it.

Don’t worry guys! We’ll learn from this. We’ll get the next one!

(Patrick Tolentino)

  1. maria natividad says:

    Great article:)

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