Manny Pacquiao Loss Was Really Coming (if you looked at the signs)

Posted: June 10, 2012 in Social
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A lot of people are saying that Manny Pacquiao won that fight against Tim Bradley. Even a lot of non-Pinoys (Americans at that) said that the decision was bad for Manny, for Pinoys, actually for everyone and most especially for the sport of boxing. Sports analysts & superstars, expert commentators, boxing champs, martial arts experts and even popular celebrities and musicians were publicly expressing their disappointment. I didn’t get to watch the fight but I wasn’t so surprised with Manny’s loss. Not that I’m being superstitious but the recent happenings surrounding Pinoy culture just didn’t point to a Pacquiao win. Here’s why:

1. Manny is 100% Pinoy. According to Bayo, you gotta be a mix of something. Although Manny is a 50% boxer, 50% congressman, I don’t think that counts.

2. Manny was accused of discriminating against homosexuals. Come on, the fight was in Vegas. Assuming the judging was clean, there were a lot of people wishing Manny will lose. He didn’t need that kind of bad vibes around him. And of course since it’s Vegas, who knows maybe those who got offended might have gotten to the judges somehow just like in the movies. Or worse, just like in the movies, the twist is that 2 of the judges were getting a payback (if you know what I mean).

3. Jessica Sanchez was invited to sing the Philippine National Anthem at Pacquiao’s fight. According to a lot of Pinoys, American Idol results were rigged. And we all know how Pinoys believe that everything comes in threes. So that’s two now. I don’t want to jinx the next Pinoy who’ll compete internationally but you’ll need a lot of luck.

4. The Santiagos-Tulfos war taught us all that a sure fire way to knock down and beat up someone is to get help from your gang- which includes your wife, relatives & friends. Jinkee Pacquiao could not be allowed in the ring. And Manny’s friends of course cannot hold down Bradley.

5. And lastly, the whole Philippines witnessed na natalo ang Corona sa impeachment. And today we all witnessed na natalo ang may Corona (WBO) sa boxing.

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