I Don’t Want To Be a CyberCriminal

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Social

The Cybercrime Law takes effect today. There were inserted parts in it (na dinaan sa bilis) na hindi na napansin at napag-aralan ng mga ibang nag-sign into law.  Those insertions for me, are vague and undermine our freedom to express our opinion amongst our friends and contacts in Facebook and followers on Twitter. One of those things that we’re supposed to enjoy being a democracy. Well anyway, it’s part of the law now and I don’t want to commit “libel” and be called a criminal so I will follow.

I now offer these coping mechanisms to those, who like me, want to be law-abiding citizens as they post things on Facebook and Twitter.

Coping mechanism # 1: DISCLAIMERS. “Any similarity to actual persons living or dead are not intended” – Si Tito Soto ay walang kwenta.

Coping mechanism # 2. Daanin lahat sa TANONG at gamitin ang power ng QUESTION MARK para walang libelous STATEMENT. “Si Tito Sotto ay walang kaduda-duda na walang kwenta?”

Coping mechanism # 3- FILL IN THE BLANKS. Si Tito Sotto ay WALANG KWENT_. “Kwento! Kwento ang gusto ko sabihin!”

O ayan, sana makatulong to keep our freedom.

Peace be with you!



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