New UAAP Residency Rule Too Self-serving

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

I came across this petition by Senator Pia Cayetano requesting the UAAP Board to reverse the new UAAP residency rule.  In a nutshell, the new rule requires graduating high school students to sit out two years of competition if they come from a UAAP-member high school and choose to go to a different UAAP college.

I signed the petition.

Let’s call a spade a spade. Considering all arguments, the only sensible reason for this rule is to ensure that the “investment” made by the school in its high school athletic program is preserved. So that players who get trained in high school don’t just fly off to another college without a consequence. That view for me is too selfish, self-serving and myopic. Let’s not forget that this is a UNIVERSITY athletic league. Where athletes are also students. If you understand the way it works, you cannot separate the 2. Athletes will learn not only from playing the sport but from their classes as well. And more importantly, they will learn a lot about life just by being in an environment that allows them to grow. College fit is definitely important.

So if certain students (and his/her parents) feel that a particular school, in its totality, is a better fit for them, why should they get penalized? If we all agree that each person is different then we all should understand that not everyone who went to a certain high school will be better off in the same college. And if at all we agree that the choice of college can make or break the future of a high school graduate, then we shouldn’t allow this.

I played for Ateneo in high school and for UP in college. I’d like to believe that combination worked well for me as a person even more than as an athlete. I’d hate that some kid will be deprived of that opportunity just because some schools want higher return on their investment.

Patrick Tolentino, Ateneo HS & UP Diliman

Here’s Senator Cayetano’s online petition URL:


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