Everyone Deserves a Birthday Cake and Eat It Too

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

It was the birthday of one of our yayas 2 days ago. We didn’t know, we discovered it late.

On her birthday she had to work extra hard coz we took the kids on a day out and then we came home to a flooded house that resulted to a lengthy and tiring clean up (that’s another story).

So the following day, to make up for that “toxic birthday”, we threw a simple pancit, cake and ice cream party for her.  Our kids (7 & 4) sang the happy birthday song as she blew out her birthday candles.

And then we discovered something else shortly after.  At 22, it’s her 1st time to have a birthday cake. My wife and I had a meaningful eye contact moment. My wife wished we bought a nicer, bigger cake. I, on the other hand, wanted to re-light the candles 21 more times to make up for the lost time.

This particular yaya left her family and her lady guard job in Zamboanga because being a yaya in Manila pays slightly better.  And I mean SLIGHTLY.

She left her baby boy, just about to turn 1 this month, in the care of her mother. I can only imagine the bittersweet feeling of celebrating your birthday but not with the people you care about most.

Sometimes I think that I’ve got it bad, but events like this make me tell myself in the most sarcastic tone, “YA THINK?!”.

Here’s a simple plan. I hope their place in Zamboanga is near the city where there is a Goldilock’s or Red Ribbon around. I hope to order a cake for delivery.  Our yaya’s boy cannot turn 1 without a birthday cake.


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