To People Who Frown Upon People Like Me

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Social

To the people who frown upon people like me who comment about the government, I apologize for not having the kind of patience you have. And good for you that you are not as sick to the stomach as we are. If wanting to shut us up makes you feel like a better person, fine, we can respect that. To be honest, it sucks to feel this way. But we can’t help it, it’s what we feel. And the facts are just too glaring to ignore.

On a personal note, please allow me to explain. My comments that point out inadequacies, inconsistencies and incompetencies, are not getting in the way of me helping. I’ve helped in every way I can, in every way I know how given the circumstances.

And you know what, to my mind, these comments of ours will help. It will help because we are refusing to accept the mediocrity of the system we have right now. We believe this country deserves better, our children deserve better. This kind of refusal to lower our standards will push us into really wanting to make things better. It will help us not to forget. And we are hoping that maybe it will also help others not to forget.

Mawalang-galang na po, but to those who have already accepted that this is as good a government as we can possibly have, then maybe it’s you who’s not helping.

Some of you preach that we should be part of the solution instead of just pointing out the problems. Trust me, a lot of people can do both at the same time. This is part of me being part of the solution. I am quite certain that if more people recognize and accept that there is a problem then we’ll have more people who can help work at a solution.

As I raise my expectations from my government, I am also trying my best to raise my contribution as a citizen. So please don’t worry about me.

I will continue to comment. I will continue to complain when I see just cause. I will continue to encourage people to keep on pushing until we get a kind of government that takes public service to heart. The kind that we can trust to take care of our children and our children’s children. Not the kind that puts politics and personal gain ahead of service.

Salamat po and may you have a meaningful week ahead.


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