The Last Home (Hope You Under) Stand

Posted: July 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’ve always said that the most useful life skill (for me) is not the ability to learn from your own mistakes, but the ability to learn from OTHER people’s mistakes. Why go through the pain and suffering yourself, right? Anyway, this debacle involving PLDT and its ambitious marketing effort involving Smart Gilas and the NBA called the The Last Home Stand can be a source of lessons for all of us.

Lesson No. 1: Transparency Is The Best Policy

Disguise the event as a charity thing to circumvent NBA rules? Come on. Then use “The Last Home Stand” as the title? The world knows we made it to the FIBA world championships in Spain.

Lesson No. 2: Clarity Is The Best Policy

Let’s assume that what the organizers said was true- that they never really advertised an actual game. But did they communicate exactly what was going to happen? Did they make sure that people were clear what they were paying for? Heck, even the Gilas players thought they were playing an actual game. For those ticket prices I was actually even expecting that there’ll be a selfie photo opp with a player of your choice.

Lesson No. 3: Humility Is The Best Policy

When you’re at fault, it’s only proper to apologize. Sincerely. And the apology should sound like an apology. Full stop.

Lesson No. 4: Honesty Is The Best Policy

We get into deep shit when we’re not. We get into deeper shit when we try to cover up the shit we’re in with more partial-truths.

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  1. asabest says:

    Damage control.. i heard the event organizer position is vacant hahaha. However, PLDT’s apology is not an apology at all -_- better to admit what they have caused to the basketball fans who paid. Funny how even the players did not know too as you stated above. Seems like this is one of the biggest fraud (and most successful marketing) of PLDT.

    • Pat_Talastas says:

      Too bad the whole thing might even affect the spirits of the national team players who’ll compete in Spain. What was supposed to be a send-off turned out to be a huge let down.

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