4 Things To Remember When Negotiating For Service Cost

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Business partners & service providers that are compensated properly are pretty much like employees who are paid well. Chances are, they will work hard for you, give more than what’s expected, go the extra mile. That’s just simply a natural effect of being contented. Shortchange them and you’ll eventually see uninspired output, cookie-cutter solutions, and pwede na ‘yan (mediocre) work. 

When paying for services (of any kind), we all should remember that:

1. Proper and fair compensation is a prequisite to earning the right to complain. You can’t unreasonably insist on paying half the fare and expect to get a full seat.

2. More often than not, you will get what you pay for. A rare bargain is just that- rare.  If it comes, be thankful, get excited. You see, a bargain won’t be a bargain if everything else was a bargain.

3. Dangle a meager piece of meat and vultures will come. That’s right- vultures, not people. I kid you not, service from people is way better than service from vultures.

4. Happy people are the ones in the best position to provide good service. Fact is, it is almost impossible to make someone else feel satisfied when you are not. And in business, proper compensation has a lot to do with ensuring happiness and satisfaction.

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