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As an advertising professional, this so-called statement is insulting my intelligence. A bunch of liars. Apparently, wala talagang TRUTH sa Bench. Puro NAKED lang talaga.



1. They admitted that when they released the billboard, the hands were already blackened. They are also claiming that they submitted to the ASC a version that was blurred. Blackened is not the same as blurred. Assuming that both premises are true, what they eventually released was not what they submitted. I maintain that ASC, being a self regulatory body made up of advertising professionals and industry volunteers will not approve of that layout with a blackened portion.

2. If it was true that it was the interpretation of their printer on how to comply with the approved version, they would have done it neatly and nicely and probably with Photoshop. Not like it was vandalized or haphazardly done. They made it look like it was defaced.

3. And mind you, the way it spread was not organic. It was through a media publication’s website and a social media account of someone close to the project.

4. Let’s talk about the images circulating showing the hands of Nino and Vince. According to Bench, the rendered version which showed the hands was seeded as part of their PR campaign. So they seeded pictures of something they thought was disapproved? Malicious ha. And not to mention that they intended the public to believe that these were actual pictures and not computer manipulated.

5. They discovered the governing body’s clarified stance recently in Rappler?! That should have been clarified with the ASC directly during the course of their seeking of approval.

6. And now they would “like to propose a replacement… with that of the original image, hands clasped”. How convenient. So everything comes down to a miscom.

To every one who feels insulted the same way I do, girl, boy, lesbian, gay, bisexual o transgender ka man, sabayan n’yo ako. EXCUSE ME, HINDI AKO TANGA.



And….. it seems like this campaign is even a rip off of an old GAP campaign. #tgssshhh #serialoffender #SonofaBench #Plagiarism

See this: http://adage.com/article/creativity-pick-of-the-day/gap-celebrates-kinds-love-star-studded-holiday-campaign/238293/


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