5 Reasons Why The “Yaya Meal” is a GOOD idea (with a BAD title)

Posted: April 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

5 Reasons Why The “Yaya Meal” is a GOOD idea (with a BAD title)

My opinion? The need for “yaya meals” is real (but I don’t think it should be called as such). In the course of my life, I have experienced living with so many types of kasambahays already. And with my work-related habit of trying to understand human behavior, I feel I have developed a certain level of expertise already. So let me offer a few reasons why people should take this supposed to be issue with a grain of salt. But before I begin, just to premise everything, we, as a family believe that kasambahays are no different from us and would prefer that they share all meals with us. =)

1. Some kasambahays do not eat what is unfamiliar to them.
– Offer them Japanese, Italian, Greek, Korean, etc.or any fusion of those, you will get a no for an answer. They will still prefer the trusty adobo or pritong tilapia. Or in extreme cases will just choose the super familiar Lucky Me noodle bowl Bulalo flavor.

2. Some kasambahays, do not like getting food from the same bowl as their employers when in a restaurant. They get shy and will eat better when given a set meal of their own. Call it an insecurity or whatever you want, but it’s real.

3. There are even kasambahays who do not like to eat on the same table as their employers. I have experienced this countless times. One time, while at a resort, our kasambahay politely requested to be allowed to eat in the room when she learned that there was room service. Our kasambahays now, who have been with us for 3 months, still refuse to eat at the dining table. They prefer to eat on the island counter at the kitchen.

4. Tradition, origin and religion. Some kasambahays do not eat meat. Some can’t take fresh water fish because they’ve lived by the sea all their life. We’ve even had kasambahays who don’t eat our favorite leafy vegetables because where they are from, those veggies grow everywhere. To them it’s like eating grass.

5. Even if you want them to eat the same food as you to make them feel welcome and part of the family, it just cannot happen all the time. Just because the preferences are different. It’s like my wife not wanting to share beef salpicao or sisig with me because she stays away from meat. So what does one do? Force them or change orders to fit the preferences of the kasambahay? The obvious answer is to make the kasambahays choose, right? But that’s exactly the issue. Not all restaurants menus have taken their preferences in consideration.

For the reasons stated above, the concept of having “yaya meals” on the menu catering to the preferences of kasambahays and making it easier for their employers to order, sounds like a GOOD idea with a very BAD title.

I’ll end this post with a short story.

One time, we went to a mall to celebrate the birthday of a valued kasambahay. My thinking was, make the experience different to make it memorable. I told her to pick a restaurant, any restaurant. She couldn’t decide, didn’t want to decide. I then offered different restaurants, different cuisines, to which I received blank stares. I could read her thought balloon, “Ano’ng meron dun?”. So I had to accept that my initial idea wasn’t going to work.

We ended up in the food court. I chose something I haven’t had in a long time. My wife went for something she can’t have on a regular day. The kids went with their favorites. And the kasambahay chose McDonald’s, and the cheeseburger meal, as the most appropriate birthday meal for herself because it’s what makes her feel good.

Now, if those considerations are to exist in a resort’s menu, it might just help make a perfect vacation for everyone.

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