The Unorthodox Hotel SOGO Marketing Campaign (That We Can’t Help But Notice)

Posted: June 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

Experts say that marketing is all about DECISIONS.  Tough decisions on what the biggest opportunity for the brand is.  Is it awareness? Trial? Increasing frequency of usage? Market expansion?  Then there’s the question on who to target.  Which demographic and psychographic profile would bring in the business? New users? Existing users?

Marketing students are oftentimes taught that focus is key. That one must pick and select based on chances of winning and potential return on investment.  But the question I would like to ask is, if selecting and focusing is too damn hard, is it wrong to cover all bases? Can that be classified as “aggressive marketing” because you’re actually not leaving any room for anyone to say anything else?

Hotel SOGO seems to be under the mindset that there’s merit in choosing all of the available strategies that makes sense for their business.  Whether you’re young or old, male of female, single or married, studying or working, a Filipino here already or just about to arrive, a loner or a social being, Hotel SOGO is for you.  Heck, it’s for everyone.

Let’s take a closer look at their recent ad series that’s been making waves among advertising experts (i.e. those who work in advertising)…

After careful analysis, it seems like they are trying to “expand penetration” by promoting various reasons to check in at Hotel SOGO.

* Great place for family bonding. Mom and dad can do their “thing” while the kids can enjoy free wifi.

* Great place to prolong barkada bonding. It’s open 24 hours and there you’ll have the privacy to do what boys do. Wrestle, “horse around” or maybe even do some “light saber sword fighting”.  Stuff that you probably can’t do if staying over at a friends house.

* Great place for Balikbayans to relax and hide from other relatives and neighbors waiting for some “pasalubong”.

* Great place to do some group study.  Whether it’s your “1st lesson”, or your “masteral”, it will be good to learn it there. And it doesn’t matter if you prefer hard subjects like Biology, Chemistry and Anatomy.

* Great place to experience food that everyone’s raving about.  Especially the crispy pata and pansit canton.

* Great place to crash in the middle of nowhere so you can upload photos and videos of your “adventure trip”.

* Great place to treat your parents during paydays. Great idea coz your dad probably also spent his salary in hotels of this kind (or similar) back in the day.

* Great place to treat your special someone for their birthday. Why not? What better birthday gift is there than “breakfast in bed”. I’m sure the “eating experience” will be very memorable.

And to prove that Hotel SOGO really seems to know their marketing, take a look at this effort they have at point of sale. It’s arguably the most cost-efficient marketing effort the marketing world has seen to date. To encourage switching, they have these signs that say, “we honor discount cards of other hotels”. Imagine that, other hotel’s loyalty programs, they use for their own marketing purposes. And they didn’t need to have a single card made. Boom! This actually might deserve the hash tag #marketinggenius.


So guys, I guess we’ll just see each other at Hotel SOGO. No one has no reason not to go. SO… GO!


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