They Created An Environment of Hate and Anger To Win The Presidency

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Let’s call a spade a spade. The Rodrigo Duterte presidential campaign is a well-oiled machine. In my personal and professional opinion, it has the most organized digital and social media operations amongst all the candidates. Their PR consultants, brilliant in their craft, have a deep understanding of Filipino culture and psyche. Imagine, from a humble, no-nonsense city mayor to the savior of a reeling and almost hopeless country.

Yes, that’s right. A reeling and hopeless country is the picture that they’re trying to paint.

Our country isn’t perfect. Far from it. There are a lot of flaws and there are a lot of daily struggles. There are a lot of tired and angry people. The people behind the campaign saw this as an opportunity. They knew that from this truth they could create a need for a Mayor Duterte. An environment can be created where Mayor Duterte’s character, kind of personality and brand of leadership will stand out.

So they went ahead and executed a well-thought out and well-implemented campaign on that very strong emotion-anger.  They recruited a social media army. They commissioned people to find those that are angry and amplify their voices. Make it sound louder. Make it look more than what it really is. They hired people to be angry. They fed the anger with more reasons to be angrier. They spread bad news far and wide. I dare say some of those news they even orchestrated themselves. They drowned out the good news. When someone expresses anger and frustration, they’ll trumpet it. When someone looks at the bright side or offers a different perspective, the person is attacked and mobbed with curses and threats. Meant of course to discourage those people, and others, from disagreeing that ours is a hopeless case.

For a while they dominated the airwaves. Their version of the truth became the truth for a lot of us. People from all walks of life joined their cause. Mayor Duterte, as planned, became “the only hope”. Nevermind the character flaws, nevermind the risks, nevermind the repercussions of his actions, nevermind the incapabilities in other aspects of leadership, and nevermind the signs that he’s not truly fit to be the leader of a nation of more than a hundred million. Mayor Duterte became our last chance at saving this hopeless, god-forsaken country.

As the noise of angry people increased, a lot of people fell silent. Mostly to avoid the wrath of the angry ones. All they could do was to shake their heads and ask themselves, “What is happening. What have we become?”

But the Duterte campaign strategy underestimated something- The raw wisdom of the Filipino. “Malakas kutoban ang Pilipino.” We feel it when something is not right. It may creep slowly but it’s there. It will become noticeable. It will become undeniable. That “kutob” comes from the natural goodness of the Pinoy spirit. And believe you me, when push comes to shove, we will follow our gut.

Days before the elections, the tide has somewhat turned. A lot of people have decided to take a stand versus the angry sentiment, both real and paid. They’ve decided to fight back believing that theirs is the right kind of fight. A good kind, a human kind, the Filipino kind.

Listen. The airwaves are no longer dominated by hate and anger. It is now being balanced by voices of hope and reason. This has allowed objectivity to set in and discussions to take place. As a result, people now have a stronger conviction on who to give their one and only vote to.

Mayor Duterte might still win. Or maybe he won’t. But the exaggerated, over the top, angry sentiment has brought out a good thing. It made us search for what’s real. And in the process, it strengthened the reminder that there are still a lot of things that need to change. But more importantly, it made a lot of people realize that they can be part of that change. Hopefully, it’s a positive kind of change and not the angry and fearful kind.

  1. Hindi na kami angry ‘pag may change na 🙂 No more oppression by the government, no more absence of leadership, no more corruption, less traffic, more jobs, more support to farmers, no kicking out the Chief Justice with a bribed congress, etc. etc. And we are not paid to amplify the ills, bunglings of this yellow regime, they did it on their own, and on mass media at that.

    • saldy says:

      We cant not argue with those close mind blinded by false promises, even how logic it may be. But the goodness and the kind spirit in us will always speak for the truth. The truth without anger and hatred. We should always remember that “what we sow we shall reap”… planting now with seed of hatred and anger, watered by deceptions and false humility will soon reap its fruit of violence. Quo vadis Filipinas, God have mercy.

    • Severo L. Brillantes says:

      How would all those things vanish with a Duterte Presidency, when he has not provided us with a clear program of government to address those ills of society. Take corruption in government. Did he speak of any program to address the lack of transparency in government transactions or the lack of participation in decision making? Take the support for farmers, did he ever speak of how a genuine agrarian reform can be implemented. Take traffic, did he provide us a solution on how it will be solved? All he has done is to capitalize on the people’s fears and frustrations and many of our people have been deceived.

      • MWD says:

        True. I was one of those undecided voters and was waiting for him to say something concrete, to state his REAL plans. None so far so I decided to vote for someone who has plans.

      • Obbie O says:

        That’s what I can’t figure out with his followers. Are they really that mentally ill not to realize that they haven’t heard anything from him except he will kill people and he got mad because he wasn’t the first to rape somebody? Is he really that good in hypnotizing people out of their senses? It’s just mind boggling how ignorant his masses are..

        • Voiceout says:

          Hindi lahat ng ng plano nilalahad. Marami ng ngyare na nilahad nila ang plano nila pero wala naman ngyare. He said in a debate na kapag meron siyang nakitang magandang plan sa mga ibang candidate hihiramin niya yon basta sa ikabubuti ng Pilipinas. Hindi ko sinasabing magpaka spontaneous si Duterte. Iniiba nia strategy niya. Nakita nia na ayaw na ng ibang Pilipino ng puro daldal at plano na wala namang gawa. Maniniwala ka sa tuwid na daan na kahit kelan di mo pa nakita? Maniniwala ka sa yayaman ang Pilipinas sa sobrang yaman tipong libre na mani pedi, eh yung ipagpapatuloy ko ang nasimulan/laban ng tatay ko? Si Miriam or si Duterte lang ang choice jan wala ng iba. Un lang mas pinipili ng tao na Duterte.

          • Isnt’t this why it’s called a Plan? Because it has details that spell out what needs to be done? Otherwise, isn’t it called a Secret? Or worse, a Bluff or a Lie?

            • dina vi says:

              pano mo malalaman ang solusyon ni digong eh obvious na di ka naman nakikinig sa sinasabi nya. anong gusto mo ung mga pangako ni pnoy? mar roxas? enough of dat bulshit.

        • dina vi says:

          di ba maliwanag na solusyon ung death penalty? ung mga isla na ipapalease sa mga foreign investors? steel industry? and so on and so forth. ano ba gusto mo detalyadong parang thesis. syempre ang sasabihin lang nya ay ung naiintindihan ng common tao. ano b gusto mo ung scholarly explanation na ang makaintindi lng ay iilan. O baka di k lng nakikinig sa sinasabi nya. oh mas na brainwash ka ng corrupt at walang pusong si pnoy at mar. Digong is not for d elite bear that in mind.

        • Robert soriano says:


      • Bom says:

        Very true.

      • dina vi says:

        pano mo malalaman ang solusyon ni digong eh obvious na di ka naman nakikinig sa sinasabi nya. anong gusto mo ung mga pangako ni pnoy? mar roxas? enough of dat bulshit.

    • LIV says:

      NABASA MO NA BA ITO:…/mayor-duterte-and-china-a-demand…/

      Basahin mo yan, para malaman mo kung ano ang ginagawa ni Duterte sa Pilipinas na wla tayong kamalay-malay

    • What about the extrajudicial killings? I thought for a country whose populace wear their religious convictions on their sleeves would shun a president who not only admitted that he was taking part in it and bragged about it. he was pandering to the lowest common denominator of ohe Filipino society. shameful

  2. Perhaps the turnaround you speak of may be the result of a response to all the hate and anger. And that is fear. There is an incredible amount of fear mongering about a Duterte presidency. Look at it. He’s been compared to Hitler. That his ascendancy is the death of democracy and the victory of communism. If he becomes president, people (including your friends, parents and children) will die left and right without due process. That the economy will crash. Investors will leave. International relations will collapse. All these hellish visions (whether based on truth or not) are instilled into the minds of Filipinos, specially now as election nears.

    • Severo L. Brillantes says:

      The comparison to Hitler as well as the death of democracy and utter disregard of due process is perfectly with basis in a Duterte presidency. On this point, this is what I have posted in my FB page:
      Nostradamus predicted the rise of leaders who with their tongue shall seduce many people. We know in our history who those leaders came out to be (Hitler being one of them) and what great evil they brought to our world. Sadly, Duterte, capitalizing on the people’s fears and frustrations have seduced many of our people by his vague promise of salvation from criminality, drugs and corruption. We are already witnesses to the fanaticism of his followers who despite Duterte’s actions and pronouncements which clearly show that he will become another tyrant, continue to support him. Many Filipinos have risked and even sacrificed their lives in fighting the much hated Marcos dictatorship. The EDSA uprising has restored our democracy, however limited or flawed it may be. We need drastic change indeed. But should this be at the expense of our freedoms, which is at great risk in a Duterte presidency, supported by his rabid fanatical followers? What would prevent Duterte who is ready to kill criminals from killing all who will oppose him? What will prevent Duterte from killing our democracy? He has in fact already spoken of padlocking Congress in the same way that Marcos did. We need drastric change but should this be to the extent of allowing darkness to again rule our land?

    • Obbie O says:

      But it’s all coming from his mouth. And all his apologists are saying that he’s just joking. That’s why we’re asking what his plans are other than gunning down people to shut them off. I don’t hear anything from his minions but how he’ll get rid of bad people from the streets, and one idiot said she’s voting for Duterte because he’s declaring martial law. There’s just no rhyme or reason for this madness..

  3. acid says:

    now this article is being used as yellow propaganda…. hate and anger? so this writer thinks 30% of the sampled population is easily swayed by hate and anger? that a few hundred can foment 1/3 of the Philippine voting population that easy? that these third of the population are too dumb to see the world without yellow-tinted glasses?

    the writer rails without knowing what is making a big slice of the nation look toward this guy as “hope”…. if you fail to see it, then you deserve being stuck in traffic for 4 hours a day, having bullets planted in your luggage at an airport that doesn’t work, paying the highest income tax in the region, getting nothing in return for that tax, going out at night with the fear of getting mugged and be satisfied with a mediocre government… as long as they spout out anti-corruption messages once in a while.

    • madlanglupa says:

      Your impatience and hate shall also be your undoing. And if the leader who promises you many miracles turns out to be a sham, an Antichrist, then it will be your fault.

      • Engco Madera says:

        But then it is too late to realize that this leader is a sham, an anti-Christ and maybe a cause for setback in terms of peace and order and economic stability. We cannot live the kind of life we lived during the marcos martial law years again for 6 years. It took more than 20 years to put the country back on its feet after 1986 when marcos was booted out of the presidency, and to be recognized again for economic status internationally with a pervading sense of stability and order.

        • madlanglupa says:

          We have genuine hope now and for the future, and that will be Leni. To ensure that this New Society under Duterte will be accountable and transparent for its initiatives, and any possible attempt at overriding the systems of checks and balances will be squelched.

          As for BBM… Those delicious tears.

    • Severo L. Brillantes says:

      Please tell me, what clear program of government has Duterte presented to address the problems of traffic, crime, corruption, high taxes? You yourself did not provide us any to disprove the contention that it is only hate and anger which is swaying those who are deceived by Duterte. You yourself have proven without shadow of a doubt of that hate and anger Duterte is capitalizing on to seduce our people with his vague and false promise of salvation, for us a response, you do nothing but wish ill to befall us, that we deserve to be stuck in traffic or that we be mugged when we go out at night.

      • Bituka says:

        Eto po plan ni Duterte on solving the traffic:

        Siguro naman po you cannot deny that you are also angry with the consensus of the people that also angry who choose Duterte. What do you suggest these people would do then? Turn a blind eye? Accept all the hurt and nonsense of current admin? What did they do pre-crisis and post-crisis? They had a chance to be the hero of the people but they vehemently turned down those who need them the most. For the social media and ads you speak of, as pro-Duterte, puro naman po mga accomploshments niya inadvertise. Wala namamg hatred, anger yong sinabi mo. Sa newsfeed ko nga yung anti-Duterte pa nga puro anger towards him pinopost. Kahit isang beses hindi ako nka post ng mga kapalpakan ng ibang kandidato kahit kating kati na ako. Kasi I do not want to stoop down po sa level ng iba jan. Kasi dami ko po namang magagandang masasabi tungkol ni Duterte. Sa Davao po sir bakit mahal sya ng mga tao kaya? Kasi inaalagaan nya. May 911 ba sa lugar nyo?

        So mam/sir parang one sided lng po yung tingin nyo na sa mga pro-Duterte. Hindi nyo po na kiniconsider na pinili po sya namin dahil sa mga nagawa nya? Kandidato nyo po may mga concrete plans na din po ba sa kung anong gusto nila gawin o hindi gawin?

        • ascoth says:

          Actually, most of those plans on traffic mentioned in the Rappler article are already being carried out by the current government (maybe more, with the reported 100+ new carriages for MRT and the new MRT-7 line, and even the subway). The unique item that the Mayor did note is the railway along the Pasig River, which is actually a good idea but will need extensive studies on soil profiling and stability.

        • Duterte4MayorNot4Presidente says:

          Wala na man siyang plano lahat kinopya lang sa ibang candidato. Isa lang plano na original du30: kunin listahan ng lahat ng criminal tapos ibigay sa kanyang death squad at ipapatay. Yung mag rereklamo patay din. Eh di safe na kayo mag lakad2 sa gabi. Happy na kayo. Sure? In your dreams. Hahayness

        • Maxi Mus says:

          Ask ko lang po, taga-Davao po ba kayo? You know, there are a lot of other cities and provinces whose mayors did very well in just a very short time. Dito po sa Olongapo, isang term pa lang po ang Mayor namin but he has dredged all the rivers and tributaries in this city so that we will not suffer the destructive floods we experienced due to the inaction of the previous mayor here. Our mayor has also rid the city of a lot of drug pushers and criminals that were left operating by the previous mayor here. Isang termino lang po sya pero marami na syang ginawa. Remember po ang Olongapo po was known before as a sin city. Dito po, makakalakad ka po kahit na dis oras ng gabi sa kalye habang nagtetext ka at wala pong gagawa sa inyo ng masama. The nearby Subic Bay Freeport provides thousands of jobs to people in this city, including the other provinces in Zambales and Bataan. Unknown probably to you but known to many, may 911 po ang Subic Bay Freeport na isang tawag lang po, medical, fire and law enforcement teams are dispatched to the scene immediately, sa loob man o sa labas ng freeport. Kilala ang Subic Bay sa kulturang traffic discipline. Bakit po dito nagawa lahat ito ng mayor dito at mga opisyal ng SBMA ng wala man lang kamay na bakal?

          Wag po kayo masyadong nakafocus sa maliit na mantsa sa isang damit at doon lahat ituon ang galit. Gaya ng damit, wala pong sobrang linis na bansa, lahat po may mantsa dahil ang nagsusuot ay tao na hindi rin po perpekto.

        • LIV says:


          Basahin mo yan, para malaman mo kung ano ang ginagawa ni Duterte sa Pilipinas na wla tayong kamalay-malay

      • Sushi says:

        Look at Davao. Period. Daming pang sinabi.and seeing this page advertised this post on facebook, i doubt the credibility. With how many people are aware that the LP candidates are spending millions for anti-duterte ads and pays hundreds of thousands to the media people just to write or report something that will Drag Duterte’s name down, we, the educated voters can already see who are hell-bent in making Duterte lose the elections.

        • oxid61 says:

          sabi mo look at Davao. May auntie ako na sa Davao nakatira, when I asked her if she is in cebu to atttend the BCBP NAC sabi niya, “Di ko ka attend’day. mag isa lang kasi ako mahirap iwanan ang bahay. Alam mo naman ang panahon ngayon.” to which I replied, akala ko po ba safe sa Davao and she said medyo ……. SO WHAT DOES IT SAY OF DAVAO THEN?

        • LIV says:


          Basahin mo yan, para malaman mo kung ano ang ginagawa ni Duterte sa Pilipinas na wla tayong kamalay-malay

        • june says:

          … yes look at davao where the mayor tolerates pick up girls as young as 16 yrs old as early as 3pm…

    • Obbie O says:

      Traffic is the reason why you want a dictator to trample democracy? You are too coward to do anything about it so you want a populist demagogue to lead your country? You truly deserve him and the rest of the people like you if he does win the election. God have mercy on the Philippines…

    • Let’s hear from you after six years. See if you won’t be screaming then for a more humane and civilized president.

    • Bom says:

      I wondered why tanim bala started months or a year back before the election..hmmm??? Trafic become one biggest problem even before the present administration..could it be solved easily in six years? Taxes? We should know the projects of the govt compare to the past admins.

  4. Hermie says:

    Never fear in change if it is good for the majority. We need a strong leader that can inspire and motivate us to move forward, instill discipline, get rid of drug menace, control corruption and bring good government. If we see all these are realized then you made a right choice in voting the Mayor. If not, there is always EDSA!!

  5. Michael Aguinaldo says:

    Yes, there will be change. Communism. Let’s see if that will make those who voted for him happy.

    • Dominic Aguirre says:


    • Eddie says:

      How can you say that? Is Davao under communism when Duterte ruled for 20 years? No, the people there love him. He has made the city very safe, they have free healthcare, a 911 system, CCTV system for traffic, firecrackers ban, etc. Get your facts straight.

      • LIV says:

        ETO ALAM NA BA NINYO ANG GINAGAWA NI DUTERTE SA LIKOD NATIN?…/mayor-duterte-and-china-a-demand…/

        Basahin mo yan, para malaman mo

      • june says:

        … of course, davao can’t be communist at the moment. mayor lang siya. let’s wait and see by the time he becomes president he might try it…

  6. produterte says:

    Kasama din ba tong blog na to sa binabayaran ng 25k para magpost anti duterte? Nabasa ko lang sa asawa ni mon fernandez

    • Peter Carino says:

      Bakit ba nagaassume kayo na lahat ng critics ni Duterte eh mga binabayaran? Kasi ba kayo na mga supporter niya willing na willing gumasta ng sarili niyong pera para supportahan siya? Hindi ba pwede magkaroon ng sariling opinyon ang tao tungkol sa diyos-diyosan niyo?

      Akala niyo kasi lahat pera pera lang sa mga taong di niyo katulad na makikitid mag-isip eh

  7. Kane says:

    Duterte promised us change. That has been his battle cry ever since he started campaigning. It started the clamor of the people for a change. The so called politicians made us angry when they started their smear campaign. This is the new age – age of internet, that type of gimmick will no longer work, because we have learned our lessons the hard way. Instead of boasting of their real (keyword:REAL) accomplishments, they choose the smear campaign route. You dont need to be a genius to see that these recent exposes are all fabricated to destroy Duterte’s character. But I ask you, did it work? No, instead it ignited the people to want this change to happen now, more than ever. These same Trapos have turned our clamor for change to anger, and now hate. Yes, we hate this system that only the rich gets richer while the masses suffer. And now you blame us?

    We have grown tire of the same system. I’d rather risk having a president that came from the south, who have a different perspective on what would work to better serve the people than have the same old system of Daang Matuwid that is full of shit!

    Change – the only way we will survive! The only thing that’s constant in this world is change. Change is coming!

    #DU30 #DuCay2016

    • ascoth says:

      Well there is this Rappler X blog regarding Duterte supporters turning a blind eye on the Mayor’s obvious faults (e.g. the Hamill rape joke). All he asks is “fine, vote for him since you guys still believe he’ll keep his promises, but still, please make him accountable for all his wrongdoings (e.g. the rape joke again, the killing of journalists investigating issues in Davao City and others without due process, etc.) so that he can be controlled and things will not go haywire”.

      The statement also applies to whatever wrongs the other candidates had done.

    • june says:

      … funny thing is that the person who says he shall bring about changes is not even willing to change his behavior and speech, or even apologize for wrongs he made… a good leader should be ready to acknowledge his mistakes and commit to make corrections…

      • Obbie O says:

        But he’s fancying himself as the new chairman of the pulitburo so he can do whatever he damned please HAHAHAHA

  8. Ipanalo ang Pamilyang Aquino says:

    No. The hate, frustration and desperation have long been there even before Duterte became the lightning rod of popular sentiment.

    Even if you manage to prevent a Duterte presidency, what about the next years? It would be great if things improve, but what if we continue to plod along like this? Who knows if the next spasm of popular sentiment won’t be a protest vote, but another, much more terrible beast altogether?

  9. the blogger make it sounded like this was all planned, no, this wasnt planned, it was just the ordinary folk and those NOT in NCR, encouraged a lowly poor Mayor of Davao to run for the presidency with the public at his back, and the public doing everything on our part to support him, We are not paid, nor recruited to promote the mayor. This is contrary to what the blogger is insinuating, I mean honestly, go out and ask the supporters. I mean seriously? dahil malakas si Mayor, dahil campaign strategy kaagad? Did it came to your mind that he is the ‘peoples candidate’ and anyone that believes in him supports him in their own free will?

  10. joey says:

    ang gagaling nyong magmalinis, mga elitista kayo eh… mababait kuno… “what have we become”? hay nako tumigil nga kayo. santo ba kayo?

  11. KIEr says:

    All We need FEDERALISM – dli nata mo adto sa Manila kung asa ta nag poyo adto ra ngadto kay naay tarong systema….

  12. a good advice says:

    Duterte’s camp did not recruit any social media army, people made noise on FB using their real accounts because they are tired, they have direct access to an unlimited source of information(the internet), and they are angry because our country is just in a stinky stagnant state despite people working hard and paying taxes. Noone was paid, you’ll never see any scandal online where people are given anything to campaign for Duterte, unlike the LP which has a gallery of viral videos VOTE-BUYING people, bringing people from remote places to attend rallies in exchange for cash and many other scandals.

    It is the LP that has a wide array of fake FB accounts, yes, fake FB accounts, they are very obvious, they usually use a celebrity’s photo as their profil pic, their walls littered with LP crap and no personal posts at all, all their pictures from the day they made the account(a few months ago) are made up of pictures taken off google and some LP logo or poster….or an anti-Duterte pic.

  13. They will not win! No communism! No to CPP-NPA! No to DUTERTE/BBM!

  14. Ducay pa din says:

    This post should be titled “They created an environment wherein mud slinging, black propaganda and used of children in character assasination ad is a status quo to desperately win the presidency and to remain in power no matter what.”

  15. Black says:

    I think suicide would be a better alternative to live in a dictatorial regime….but then public hangings are nice too, You just need to like get framed to a crime, Don’t get a proper court hearing, Don’t experience your human rights and it’s “hey Juan, You’re time to hang”..and Juan be like “Finally.”

  16. Claudia Duag Tolentino says:

    Basta Roxas-Robredo tayo!!

  17. Emilio Aguinaldo says:

    whatever you says, change is coming!!!

  18. Dhell says:

    Hope and pray to God that people chosen the right leader for this beloved country to lead for the betterness and peacefulness. I fear that Philippines will become like Venezuela that even the basic necessities like eggs, flour butter to toilet papers are hard to find and if there’s available too expensive to buy because they had chosen a power hungry, fearless and bully leader. So God help us all.

  19. […] months of a frighteningly polarizing election campaign, which raised fears of post-elections violence, Filipino voters elected a new set […]

  20. Hazel says:

    Look who’s talking? It is not us who created an environment of hate. Rather it is the system of the govt itself. Take a look upon yourselves. You are bitter because you couldn’t take that someone like Duterte could win.

  21. I think you’ve got it backwards. It is the current administration of Pnoy Aquino that’s the one that created that environment of hate and anger by their ineptitude, their insensitivity to the plight of the common Filipino. Imagine the anger people feel when they complain about traffic when some insensitive dick from the government tells you “That’s a sign of progress!” or “It’s not fatal!” Or how anger is heightened by the BOC’s theft of love packages from OFWs or corrupt NAIA officers dropping bullets on innocent newlyweds and geriatrics. Imagine the anger when soldiers gave their lives for this country and their president is off some car factory than welcoming our heroes home.

    The Filipino people at large wouldn’t even have known about someone like Duterte if it had done a halfway decent job. But because they incited our anger more than so many times, we’ve had to look for someone who could do the job right. It is because of this admin and its ineptitude that introduced us to Duterte in the first place.

    On the other hand it is the admin and its yellow army who have created an environment of FEAR by scaring the Filipino people of damnation if they ever bring Duterte into office. That the country would collapse, that the economy would fall into ruin, that international relations would fail, that blood would fill the streets, that it would be the return of martial law, that it would turn the country into a communist country. It is the sound of people desperate to remain in power.

    That said, I used the be the most yellow of yellows. Cory was my hero. I was anti Marcos (I still am). When Cory left office, I hoped that it would end there. I was afraid that if another Aquino came into office, they wouldn’t do as good a job and it would just undo all the goodwill EDSA has given us and the legacy of the Aquino name. I’m now afraid that has come to pass. And I’m really sad at that.

  22. nielsky says:

    What evil genius? It is akin to buying time and space from social media to achieve the best results and never having to pay it. Put another way, it is like eating in a cozy restaurant, ordering a dish of oysters with the hope to get the pearl and pay for the meal.

  23. Joel Pimentel says:

    Lets call a spade a spade. Talaga namang nakakaasar ang gobyerno ni Panot. NO NEED to create an environment of hatred. How can someone hate so much if there is no reason?SIMPLENG laglag bala.. hindi mapigilan. Simpleng plate number na BAYAD NA, hindi maibigay agad.. Who wouldnt HATE such a government?

  24. Joel Pimentel says:

    I know one candidate (loooooooooooser!) who spent BILLIONS to try and create an environment of hate against Mayor Duterte. Good enough, the Filipinos are bright people.. they know when a spade is a spade , when a Lie is a Lie.

  25. I too am for supporting the Duterte presidency. But first I want to qualify what my support means. It does not mean that all of a sudden I will be starting to wear #DU30 armbands and memorabilia. It does not mean that I will suddenly be speaking in a very coarse tongue, and start adopting uncouth manners. It does not mean I will suddenly start talking glib, never meaning what I say, and just reversing my statements whenever I feel like it. My support does mean that I will give him a chance to prove his worth, to show what he can do, and to win over the 6.5 out of 10 Fiipinos who did not vote for him. But every time he does something against the principles of why I did not vote for him in the first place, I will never hesistate to call it out. When I see him being the sponsor or promoter of state-sponsored human rights violations; when I witness him on the international press making fools of our country and people; when I hear his crass jokes and insensitive remarks — rest assured I will not just stand silent and say nothing. Although the dictator Marcos has completely destroyed our political system, undermining the two-party framework that used to be the bulwark of principles-based rather than personality-based politics; it is still worth remembering the tiny shred of democratic principle that I believe still holds true in our mangled version of it. We still are a government “of the people, for the people and by the people.” The elected officials serve at our pleasure, and not us kowtow to their whims. Let us never forget this. I love my country, but not necesarily my president. But even if I don’t, I will give him the respect his office deserves, even if his person does not deserve it. But he needs to serve not only according to the dictates of the 3.5 out of every 10 Filipinos who voted for him, but he must also heed the principled objections — when objections need to be made — of the 6.5 out of 10 Filipinos who did not. Otherwise, like we did in EDSA, we will have to show our collective displeasure, so that never again will any man think that he can have his way with out nation and our people. GOD BLESS THE FILIPINOS. GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!

  26. noel says:

    galing naman ng sumulat nito….

  27. Angel Esteban says:

    It brought out the best in me (patience, maturity & wisdom) in dealing with these people… and at the same time gave me an idea of the true character of some of my friends and acquaintances.

    Some of them showed their real color by imitating the rudeness and fanaticism created by Duterte’s groups, which effectively knowing them by their friends.

    Duterte won but I hope he would be able to deliver because many Filipinos remember the 1% of bad things done rather than the 99% good. Which means that rather than having an excellent years prior to retirement..he just wasted his 6 years to ungrateful citizens who expect government to give their needs instead of changing their attitude for the country’s benefit.

    JFK’s statement always reverberate in my mind about the importance of individually doing what’s good for the country not what the country can do for you.

  28. Mel says:

    The anger and frustrations of the people are real not created as you said. Maybe you are not one of those people who are oppressed and victimised by the present problems of the country. Take it from someone who knows about the unending and disgusting government corruption, etc etc.. Give Duterte a chance, he is an excellent public servant despite his flaws. He isnibly after the good of the filipinos esp the poor. Let him clean up the country to pave for a better Philippines for your candidate to win in the next election. God bless

  29. charl says:

    they and the current state we are in, made him run… not siding with any sides on this one.
    but it’s a fact.

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