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I’ve always wondered about the origin of the term, “French exit”. But we all sort of know what it means. It’s when people suddenly leave without saying (proper) goodbyes, right?

In the advent of “BREXIT”, we may now be seeing the birth of a new term- “a British Exit”. Its final meaning will really depend on how this thing pans out in the days to come. Here are 3 possible future definitions of “a British exit” using situations that are all too familiar to us (especially during parties).

OPTION A: When a person leaves without really knowing why he/she actually left.

Brexit A

“Oh guys, I gotta run! Have somewhere important to go to.”

But as he/she exits the door, she asks himself/herself, “Where was I going again?” and proceeds to texting mom to ask what was that important thing he/she had to attend to.

OPTION B: When a person leaves and then immediately regrets it.

Brexit B
“Hey guys! Gotta go! Bye now!”

But as soon as he/she leaves, he/she realizes,


For so many possible reasons. Maybe he/she didn’t finish her drink. Maybe his/her crush was still there. Maybe if he/she stayed longer she could have found the one. Etc. Etc.

Option C: When a person says that he/she is leaving, announces it to everyone in the room, but for some (or whatever) reason, doesn’t actually leave.

Brexit C

“Hey everyone! I’m going! Bye! See you around!”

But after a while, he/she is still there!

Coz you know, referendums, just like goodbyes, are just advisory and not really binding.


That’s it! Let’s see what usage “a British exit” eventually takes.


My brother got married yesterday. And he asked me to be his best man. Part of the job of course was to stand right next to him through the whole thing on the lookout for anything and everything he might need, give him support as he goes through an emotional rollercoaster ride.

buhbunch 2

(Sign reads: I’ve got sand in my eye…”)

And there was the dreadful task of delivering a speech leading to a toast. This is what I came up with:

Best man speech. (Whoa…)

I did a bit of research and I discovered that the concept of a “best man” came from German folklore. The groom selects a man he trusts to accompany him in his search for a bride.  And when he finds one, there remained a real threat that the bride’s family would attempt to forcibly get her back, so the best man remained at the groom’s side throughout the marriage ceremony, alert and well-armed. This is true. You can ask Google. It’s a good thing nothing of that kind happened a while ago. It would have been really unfortunate given the fabulous outfits we’re all wearing today. If at any point I looked nervous in the wedding pictures and videos, that thought was the reason. To Leah’s family, a very big thank you for not changing your mind.

The Internet also said that in the modern world, the role of the best man has evolved. He’s now supposed to lead the toast and give a speech. I told myself, “that we could handle.”

Let me start off by redefining what a best man is, at least for this wedding. Today, I am not really the best man. I was standing right next to the best man. None other than the groom himself, my younger brother (who is sometimes mistaken as my older brother), Mark.

And this is what I have to say to the best man and his beautiful bride as they start on their happily ever after…

Look at all this stuff, isn’t it neat?
Wouldn’t you think that your life is complete?
Wouldn’t you think you’re now married to that girl
And you now have everything?

Look at this place, new stories unfold
Look at your bride and her hand you now hold?
Looking around here you’d think
Sure, you’ve already got everything

You’ve already got gadgets and gizmos a plenty
You’ve got clothes and watches galore
Those thingamashoes? I know you’ve got twenty!
No one cares, no big deal,
Don’t want more.

Together you walk, together you run
Together you stay all day in the sun (while Leah’s under an umbrella)
Wandering free
You should always be, part of each other’s world.

But for sure there’ll be tough times, for sure there’ll be misunderstandings, so what do you do?

Let it go, let it go!
Don’t hold it back any more.
Let it go, let it go!
You can turn away but don’t slam the door.
Always care what you’re going to say.
Don’t let the storm rage on.
The cold shouldn’t bother you anyway.

And to all the guests tonight who are not able to see the adventures of this couple on Facebook, I would like to give you a bit of an idea about their love story as I ask all of you to raise your glasses for this toast.

Their love story is like a…

Tale as old as time
It’s like a tune as old as song
Sometimes bittersweet and strange
It’s about finding you can change
It’s about learning you were wrong

Certain as the sun
Rising in the east
Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the BEST.

Ladies and gentlemen, all together now!
Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the BEST.

buhbunch 1

(The you-may-now-kiss-the-bride moment from the best man’s seat in the house)

buhbunch 3

(Me and the real “BEST MAN”)

To the people who frown upon people like me who comment about the government, I apologize for not having the kind of patience you have. And good for you that you are not as sick to the stomach as we are. If wanting to shut us up makes you feel like a better person, fine, we can respect that. To be honest, it sucks to feel this way. But we can’t help it, it’s what we feel. And the facts are just too glaring to ignore.

On a personal note, please allow me to explain. My comments that point out inadequacies, inconsistencies and incompetencies, are not getting in the way of me helping. I’ve helped in every way I can, in every way I know how given the circumstances.

And you know what, to my mind, these comments of ours will help. It will help because we are refusing to accept the mediocrity of the system we have right now. We believe this country deserves better, our children deserve better. This kind of refusal to lower our standards will push us into really wanting to make things better. It will help us not to forget. And we are hoping that maybe it will also help others not to forget.

Mawalang-galang na po, but to those who have already accepted that this is as good a government as we can possibly have, then maybe it’s you who’s not helping.

Some of you preach that we should be part of the solution instead of just pointing out the problems. Trust me, a lot of people can do both at the same time. This is part of me being part of the solution. I am quite certain that if more people recognize and accept that there is a problem then we’ll have more people who can help work at a solution.

As I raise my expectations from my government, I am also trying my best to raise my contribution as a citizen. So please don’t worry about me.

I will continue to comment. I will continue to complain when I see just cause. I will continue to encourage people to keep on pushing until we get a kind of government that takes public service to heart. The kind that we can trust to take care of our children and our children’s children. Not the kind that puts politics and personal gain ahead of service.

Salamat po and may you have a meaningful week ahead.


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“Tangina, ang ganda ng OTJ!”, sabi ng mga friends ko sa advertising.  Sinusuggest nila na panoorin ko din. Gusto ko naman talaga s’ya panoorin dahil kilala ko ang mga tao behind the scenes. Nakakatrabaho ko sila at gusto ko sila bigyan ng konting brotherly love. Kaso ang iniisip ko, di kaya nagagandahan lang ang mga nagrerecomenda dahil kilala nila personally ang mga gumawa? Bias kumbaga? O yung tinatawag na “love your own” ‘di ba? Objective kasi ako na tao kaya natakot ako na baka hindi ako magandahan, magsisi lang ako.

Pero hindi. Hindi ako nagsisi. Tangina ang ganda nga. Tangina ang galing ng kwento at pagkakagawa. Walang eksena na walang pakinabang. Tangina sakto ang casting at panalo ang acting. Yung mapaos-paos na SPO1 Joey Marquez. Pati na din yung mautal-utal na jail guard William Martinez. Si hitman Joel Torre, given na yun. Mahusay talaga yung mama. Si reckless understudy Gerald, kahit ginawang gusgusin pogi pa din. Si Leo Martinez bilang mastermind ng kawalanghiyaan, classic. Nagpe-playback sa isip ko yung “Kawatan! Kawatan! Kawatan ang daddy ko!” na linya sa isang pelikula na kasali s’ya years ago. Si Piolo bilang hotshot na NBI agent na may asawang cutie na si Shaina, sige na nga, napaniwala naman ako.

Pero bilang ako, ang pinakagusto ko sa pelikula ay yung mga tagos na aral na mapupulot. Ang dami. Yun ang nagpasulit ng bayad para sa ‘kin. Ito ang putang este pitong aral na pinakapaborito ko:

1. Tanga ang mga nagsasabing, “Ikaw naman ang papakasalan ko, hindi ang pamilya mo.” Hindi mo yun mahihiwalay. Pag pinakasalan mo s’ya, pinakasalan mo din ang pamilya n’ya.

2. Hindi porket nagtatanga-tangahan ang babae eh tanga talaga s’ya. Maaaring hindi s’ya naive. Baka sinastylan ka lang.

3. Ang mga bagay na hindi makuha sa pakiusap ay maaaring daanin sa alindog. Pero ang mga bagay na nadaan sa alindog, maaaring hindi magtagal. Baka bukas lang makalimutan na.

4. Kasama sa ipapamana mo sa mga anak mo ay ang mga kalokohang ginawa mo. Kaya kung mahal mo ang mga anak mo, umayos ka.

5. Mag-ingat sa mga tubero. Chaka sa mga kumpare. So kung may kumpare kang tubero doble dapat ang pagiingat.

6. Pwedeng ikamatay ang pagbabalik-Honda kung nakatikim na ng Range Rover.

7. Sa kasamaan, madaling pumasok pero mahirap lumabas. Baka nga hindi ka na makalabas.


OTJ in Cinemas

I Don’t Want To Be a CyberCriminal

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The Cybercrime Law takes effect today. There were inserted parts in it (na dinaan sa bilis) na hindi na napansin at napag-aralan ng mga ibang nag-sign into law.  Those insertions for me, are vague and undermine our freedom to express our opinion amongst our friends and contacts in Facebook and followers on Twitter. One of those things that we’re supposed to enjoy being a democracy. Well anyway, it’s part of the law now and I don’t want to commit “libel” and be called a criminal so I will follow.

I now offer these coping mechanisms to those, who like me, want to be law-abiding citizens as they post things on Facebook and Twitter.

Coping mechanism # 1: DISCLAIMERS. “Any similarity to actual persons living or dead are not intended” – Si Tito Soto ay walang kwenta.

Coping mechanism # 2. Daanin lahat sa TANONG at gamitin ang power ng QUESTION MARK para walang libelous STATEMENT. “Si Tito Sotto ay walang kaduda-duda na walang kwenta?”

Coping mechanism # 3- FILL IN THE BLANKS. Si Tito Sotto ay WALANG KWENT_. “Kwento! Kwento ang gusto ko sabihin!”

O ayan, sana makatulong to keep our freedom.

Peace be with you!


A lot of people are saying that Manny Pacquiao won that fight against Tim Bradley. Even a lot of non-Pinoys (Americans at that) said that the decision was bad for Manny, for Pinoys, actually for everyone and most especially for the sport of boxing. Sports analysts & superstars, expert commentators, boxing champs, martial arts experts and even popular celebrities and musicians were publicly expressing their disappointment. I didn’t get to watch the fight but I wasn’t so surprised with Manny’s loss. Not that I’m being superstitious but the recent happenings surrounding Pinoy culture just didn’t point to a Pacquiao win. Here’s why:

1. Manny is 100% Pinoy. According to Bayo, you gotta be a mix of something. Although Manny is a 50% boxer, 50% congressman, I don’t think that counts.

2. Manny was accused of discriminating against homosexuals. Come on, the fight was in Vegas. Assuming the judging was clean, there were a lot of people wishing Manny will lose. He didn’t need that kind of bad vibes around him. And of course since it’s Vegas, who knows maybe those who got offended might have gotten to the judges somehow just like in the movies. Or worse, just like in the movies, the twist is that 2 of the judges were getting a payback (if you know what I mean).

3. Jessica Sanchez was invited to sing the Philippine National Anthem at Pacquiao’s fight. According to a lot of Pinoys, American Idol results were rigged. And we all know how Pinoys believe that everything comes in threes. So that’s two now. I don’t want to jinx the next Pinoy who’ll compete internationally but you’ll need a lot of luck.

4. The Santiagos-Tulfos war taught us all that a sure fire way to knock down and beat up someone is to get help from your gang- which includes your wife, relatives & friends. Jinkee Pacquiao could not be allowed in the ring. And Manny’s friends of course cannot hold down Bradley.

5. And lastly, the whole Philippines witnessed na natalo ang Corona sa impeachment. And today we all witnessed na natalo ang may Corona (WBO) sa boxing.

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I read an article in today’s issue of the Manila Bulletin that ex-bishop Teodoro Bacani admitted that the Catholic Church is losing “some of its faithful to charismatic movements”.  Reason identified is because Catholics “now prefer going to Catholic charismatic movements instead of the church mainly due to the lively speeches of the preachers”.

Candidly, although I do agree that there’s truth to this (from my own experience), I think it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I think there is a more fundamental issue that’s creeping in and has led to a decline in the number of the faithful.

In my view, the Catholic Church is not just losing members due to more entertaining preachers from charismatic movements and the sleep-inducing sermons of their priests. I think it has a lot to do with what people think and feel about the recent preachings of the Church, especially its position on issues that directly concern them, their friends, relatives and everybody else they care about. People see the church as refuge for specific human concerns they encounter everyday. And my hypothesis is, Catholics are feeling that the institution is not open to receiving those with these human concerns based on the Church’s publicly stated positions on recent social issues.  The Church hasn’t only managed to exclude those that don’t conform to its teachings, it has also managed to disconnect with those that have sympathy for those excluded. Right or wrong, people feel that.  Intentional or not, their affinity with the Church will weaken.

From a marketing standpoint, apart from looking at the shifters and transferees and where they are going, they should also look at the number of fallouts and lapsed members.  And attempts should be made to deeply understand the whys to this declining number of the faithful. My gut feel tells me that the reason is beyond what happens every Sunday during the service. The real source of the disconnection happens every day.

Manila Bulletin article link:


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