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Let’s call a spade a spade. The Rodrigo Duterte presidential campaign is a well-oiled machine. In my personal and professional opinion, it has the most organized digital and social media operations amongst all the candidates. Their PR consultants, brilliant in their craft, have a deep understanding of Filipino culture and psyche. Imagine, from a humble, no-nonsense city mayor to the savior of a reeling and almost hopeless country.

Yes, that’s right. A reeling and hopeless country is the picture that they’re trying to paint.

Our country isn’t perfect. Far from it. There are a lot of flaws and there are a lot of daily struggles. There are a lot of tired and angry people. The people behind the campaign saw this as an opportunity. They knew that from this truth they could create a need for a Mayor Duterte. An environment can be created where Mayor Duterte’s character, kind of personality and brand of leadership will stand out.

So they went ahead and executed a well-thought out and well-implemented campaign on that very strong emotion-anger.  They recruited a social media army. They commissioned people to find those that are angry and amplify their voices. Make it sound louder. Make it look more than what it really is. They hired people to be angry. They fed the anger with more reasons to be angrier. They spread bad news far and wide. I dare say some of those news they even orchestrated themselves. They drowned out the good news. When someone expresses anger and frustration, they’ll trumpet it. When someone looks at the bright side or offers a different perspective, the person is attacked and mobbed with curses and threats. Meant of course to discourage those people, and others, from disagreeing that ours is a hopeless case.

For a while they dominated the airwaves. Their version of the truth became the truth for a lot of us. People from all walks of life joined their cause. Mayor Duterte, as planned, became “the only hope”. Nevermind the character flaws, nevermind the risks, nevermind the repercussions of his actions, nevermind the incapabilities in other aspects of leadership, and nevermind the signs that he’s not truly fit to be the leader of a nation of more than a hundred million. Mayor Duterte became our last chance at saving this hopeless, god-forsaken country.

As the noise of angry people increased, a lot of people fell silent. Mostly to avoid the wrath of the angry ones. All they could do was to shake their heads and ask themselves, “What is happening. What have we become?”

But the Duterte campaign strategy underestimated something- The raw wisdom of the Filipino. “Malakas kutoban ang Pilipino.” We feel it when something is not right. It may creep slowly but it’s there. It will become noticeable. It will become undeniable. That “kutob” comes from the natural goodness of the Pinoy spirit. And believe you me, when push comes to shove, we will follow our gut.

Days before the elections, the tide has somewhat turned. A lot of people have decided to take a stand versus the angry sentiment, both real and paid. They’ve decided to fight back believing that theirs is the right kind of fight. A good kind, a human kind, the Filipino kind.

Listen. The airwaves are no longer dominated by hate and anger. It is now being balanced by voices of hope and reason. This has allowed objectivity to set in and discussions to take place. As a result, people now have a stronger conviction on who to give their one and only vote to.

Mayor Duterte might still win. Or maybe he won’t. But the exaggerated, over the top, angry sentiment has brought out a good thing. It made us search for what’s real. And in the process, it strengthened the reminder that there are still a lot of things that need to change. But more importantly, it made a lot of people realize that they can be part of that change. Hopefully, it’s a positive kind of change and not the angry and fearful kind.


What the hell… My wife forced me to watch a Madonna concert.

She was down on her knees, she wants me to take her there.
In the midnight hour I felt her power, just like a prayer.

I tried to ignore her but she said stop driving me away, I just want to stay.
There’s something I just got to say.

I couldn’t say no at this point ‘coz I hold the lock and she holds the key.
So I had to open my heart.

And she wants those expensive seats!
But it’s ok. My fear is fading fast. Been saving it all for her ’cause only love can last.

I just hope my credit card goes through.
Coz if they don’t give me proper credit, I just walk away.

I guess, the next vacation will have to wait.
The tropical the island breeze, all of nature, wild and free, this is where I long to be.

To my wife, you know it’s true, I’m crazy, crazy for you.


Under fire si Isabelle Daza ngayon dahil sa kanyang Instagram post kung saan ginamit n’ya ang hash tag na #Siquiwhore.


Kesyo bastos daw. ‘Wag daw idamay ang isla sa mga joke. Siquijor daw ang pangalan at hindi Siquiwhore. Whore daw is prostitute. Kesyo may sense of entitlement daw si Isabelle at itong post na ito ay patunay. Ang insensitive daw dapat mag-public apology sa mga taga-Siquijor. Maganda daw ang lugar nila at hindi deserving sa ganung salita.

Ayan na naman. May over supply ba ng sibuyas dito sa Pilipinas na ganyan na lang kasensitive ang mga kababayan nating ito? Kung may oras sila na mag-Internet para makita ang post ni Isabelle, siguro naman na-encounter na nila ang concepto ng “camwhoring”.

To take pictures of either yourself and/or with your friends excessively
(source: The Urban Dictionary)
So kung pagiisipan lang maski sandali, maski konti, at gagamitin ang tinatawag na critical thinking, pwedeng maisip na hindi masama ang ibig sabihin ng #Siquiwhore. Na ang pinagmulan nito ay “camwhoring in Siquijor”.  Pa-witty lang. Gumamit ng pun to emphasize a point. Sa katunayan, kung magiging open-minded lang, pwedeng maisip na maganda ang ibig sabihin nito. Na sa ganda ng lugar, hindi mapigilan na kumuha ng maraming pictures. Gaya ng mga taong ito na na ginamit din ang hash tag na #Siquiwhore.






So ito na naman. Misplaced hurt na naman.  Offended sa isang bagay na maganda pa nga ang ibig sabihin. Umiral na naman ang pagka-OA.

Overacting Balat Sibuyas Citizens of the supposed to be resilient and light-hearted nation na naman.

Relax. Mag-pause. Huminga ng malamim. Baka sakaling marinig ang boses ng katwiran.

‪#‎anationofwhiners ‬‪#‎mobmentality‬ ‪#‎abunchofbullies #siquiwhore #siquiwhores #camwhoring #isabelledaza

P.S. Ito ang official statement ni Siquijor Vice-Governor Dingdong Avanzado. Ok naman. Naghahanap ng clarification. Pero Vice Dingdong, “whore”/”whoring” has taken a different meaning sa mundo ng Internet. It is not as “foul” and as “offensive” as it used to be kumpara sa panahong ang tanging ibig sabihin nito ay puta/pagpuputa.


Experts say that marketing is all about DECISIONS.  Tough decisions on what the biggest opportunity for the brand is.  Is it awareness? Trial? Increasing frequency of usage? Market expansion?  Then there’s the question on who to target.  Which demographic and psychographic profile would bring in the business? New users? Existing users?

Marketing students are oftentimes taught that focus is key. That one must pick and select based on chances of winning and potential return on investment.  But the question I would like to ask is, if selecting and focusing is too damn hard, is it wrong to cover all bases? Can that be classified as “aggressive marketing” because you’re actually not leaving any room for anyone to say anything else?

Hotel SOGO seems to be under the mindset that there’s merit in choosing all of the available strategies that makes sense for their business.  Whether you’re young or old, male of female, single or married, studying or working, a Filipino here already or just about to arrive, a loner or a social being, Hotel SOGO is for you.  Heck, it’s for everyone.

Let’s take a closer look at their recent ad series that’s been making waves among advertising experts (i.e. those who work in advertising)…

After careful analysis, it seems like they are trying to “expand penetration” by promoting various reasons to check in at Hotel SOGO.

* Great place for family bonding. Mom and dad can do their “thing” while the kids can enjoy free wifi.

* Great place to prolong barkada bonding. It’s open 24 hours and there you’ll have the privacy to do what boys do. Wrestle, “horse around” or maybe even do some “light saber sword fighting”.  Stuff that you probably can’t do if staying over at a friends house.

* Great place for Balikbayans to relax and hide from other relatives and neighbors waiting for some “pasalubong”.

* Great place to do some group study.  Whether it’s your “1st lesson”, or your “masteral”, it will be good to learn it there. And it doesn’t matter if you prefer hard subjects like Biology, Chemistry and Anatomy.

* Great place to experience food that everyone’s raving about.  Especially the crispy pata and pansit canton.

* Great place to crash in the middle of nowhere so you can upload photos and videos of your “adventure trip”.

* Great place to treat your parents during paydays. Great idea coz your dad probably also spent his salary in hotels of this kind (or similar) back in the day.

* Great place to treat your special someone for their birthday. Why not? What better birthday gift is there than “breakfast in bed”. I’m sure the “eating experience” will be very memorable.

And to prove that Hotel SOGO really seems to know their marketing, take a look at this effort they have at point of sale. It’s arguably the most cost-efficient marketing effort the marketing world has seen to date. To encourage switching, they have these signs that say, “we honor discount cards of other hotels”. Imagine that, other hotel’s loyalty programs, they use for their own marketing purposes. And they didn’t need to have a single card made. Boom! This actually might deserve the hash tag #marketinggenius.


So guys, I guess we’ll just see each other at Hotel SOGO. No one has no reason not to go. SO… GO!


Who would have thought that a Taylor Swift song can provide an edge in an internship application?

In a field of applicants that mostly answered interview questions in a generic, cliche-like fashion, familiarity with a Taylor Swift song turned out to be the edge for 18-year old student, Alvin. When asked the million-dollar question, “Why should we choose you?”, Alvin drew from his inner #Swifty to confidently turn in a short and  sweet response.

“You should choose me because I can show you incredible things. So write my name in the blank space already.”


The interviewer felt those words really sounded familiar. And with a little research (of course, via Google), the reference was discovered. It’s Taylor Swift’s well-established hit, Blank Space.

Cherry lips
Crystal skies


The interviewer was amused.  It was a welcome feeling after a long day interviewing and evaluating a long list of applicants. And with Taytay’s help, Alvin has found his way to the top of that list.

When judgement day comes, Alvin might just find this in his inbox:


#taylorswift #swifties #taytay #blankspace #internship #onthejob #gasschool #gasso


5 Reasons Why The “Yaya Meal” is a GOOD idea (with a BAD title)

My opinion? The need for “yaya meals” is real (but I don’t think it should be called as such). In the course of my life, I have experienced living with so many types of kasambahays already. And with my work-related habit of trying to understand human behavior, I feel I have developed a certain level of expertise already. So let me offer a few reasons why people should take this supposed to be issue with a grain of salt. But before I begin, just to premise everything, we, as a family believe that kasambahays are no different from us and would prefer that they share all meals with us. =)

1. Some kasambahays do not eat what is unfamiliar to them.
– Offer them Japanese, Italian, Greek, Korean, etc.or any fusion of those, you will get a no for an answer. They will still prefer the trusty adobo or pritong tilapia. Or in extreme cases will just choose the super familiar Lucky Me noodle bowl Bulalo flavor.

2. Some kasambahays, do not like getting food from the same bowl as their employers when in a restaurant. They get shy and will eat better when given a set meal of their own. Call it an insecurity or whatever you want, but it’s real.

3. There are even kasambahays who do not like to eat on the same table as their employers. I have experienced this countless times. One time, while at a resort, our kasambahay politely requested to be allowed to eat in the room when she learned that there was room service. Our kasambahays now, who have been with us for 3 months, still refuse to eat at the dining table. They prefer to eat on the island counter at the kitchen.

4. Tradition, origin and religion. Some kasambahays do not eat meat. Some can’t take fresh water fish because they’ve lived by the sea all their life. We’ve even had kasambahays who don’t eat our favorite leafy vegetables because where they are from, those veggies grow everywhere. To them it’s like eating grass.

5. Even if you want them to eat the same food as you to make them feel welcome and part of the family, it just cannot happen all the time. Just because the preferences are different. It’s like my wife not wanting to share beef salpicao or sisig with me because she stays away from meat. So what does one do? Force them or change orders to fit the preferences of the kasambahay? The obvious answer is to make the kasambahays choose, right? But that’s exactly the issue. Not all restaurants menus have taken their preferences in consideration.

For the reasons stated above, the concept of having “yaya meals” on the menu catering to the preferences of kasambahays and making it easier for their employers to order, sounds like a GOOD idea with a very BAD title.

I’ll end this post with a short story.

One time, we went to a mall to celebrate the birthday of a valued kasambahay. My thinking was, make the experience different to make it memorable. I told her to pick a restaurant, any restaurant. She couldn’t decide, didn’t want to decide. I then offered different restaurants, different cuisines, to which I received blank stares. I could read her thought balloon, “Ano’ng meron dun?”. So I had to accept that my initial idea wasn’t going to work.

We ended up in the food court. I chose something I haven’t had in a long time. My wife went for something she can’t have on a regular day. The kids went with their favorites. And the kasambahay chose McDonald’s, and the cheeseburger meal, as the most appropriate birthday meal for herself because it’s what makes her feel good.

Now, if those considerations are to exist in a resort’s menu, it might just help make a perfect vacation for everyone.

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As an advertising professional, this so-called statement is insulting my intelligence. A bunch of liars. Apparently, wala talagang TRUTH sa Bench. Puro NAKED lang talaga.


1. They admitted that when they released the billboard, the hands were already blackened. They are also claiming that they submitted to the ASC a version that was blurred. Blackened is not the same as blurred. Assuming that both premises are true, what they eventually released was not what they submitted. I maintain that ASC, being a self regulatory body made up of advertising professionals and industry volunteers will not approve of that layout with a blackened portion.

2. If it was true that it was the interpretation of their printer on how to comply with the approved version, they would have done it neatly and nicely and probably with Photoshop. Not like it was vandalized or haphazardly done. They made it look like it was defaced.

3. And mind you, the way it spread was not organic. It was through a media publication’s website and a social media account of someone close to the project.

4. Let’s talk about the images circulating showing the hands of Nino and Vince. According to Bench, the rendered version which showed the hands was seeded as part of their PR campaign. So they seeded pictures of something they thought was disapproved? Malicious ha. And not to mention that they intended the public to believe that these were actual pictures and not computer manipulated.

5. They discovered the governing body’s clarified stance recently in Rappler?! That should have been clarified with the ASC directly during the course of their seeking of approval.

6. And now they would “like to propose a replacement… with that of the original image, hands clasped”. How convenient. So everything comes down to a miscom.

To every one who feels insulted the same way I do, girl, boy, lesbian, gay, bisexual o transgender ka man, sabayan n’yo ako. EXCUSE ME, HINDI AKO TANGA.


And….. it seems like this campaign is even a rip off of an old GAP campaign. #tgssshhh #serialoffender #SonofaBench #Plagiarism

See this: