5 Reasons Why The “Yaya Meal” is a GOOD idea (with a BAD title)

My opinion? The need for “yaya meals” is real (but I don’t think it should be called as such). In the course of my life, I have experienced living with so many types of kasambahays already. And with my work-related habit of trying to understand human behavior, I feel I have developed a certain level of expertise already. So let me offer a few reasons why people should take this supposed to be issue with a grain of salt. But before I begin, just to premise everything, we, as a family believe that kasambahays are no different from us and would prefer that they share all meals with us. =)

1. Some kasambahays do not eat what is unfamiliar to them.
– Offer them Japanese, Italian, Greek, Korean, etc.or any fusion of those, you will get a no for an answer. They will still prefer the trusty adobo or pritong tilapia. Or in extreme cases will just choose the super familiar Lucky Me noodle bowl Bulalo flavor.

2. Some kasambahays, do not like getting food from the same bowl as their employers when in a restaurant. They get shy and will eat better when given a set meal of their own. Call it an insecurity or whatever you want, but it’s real.

3. There are even kasambahays who do not like to eat on the same table as their employers. I have experienced this countless times. One time, while at a resort, our kasambahay politely requested to be allowed to eat in the room when she learned that there was room service. Our kasambahays now, who have been with us for 3 months, still refuse to eat at the dining table. They prefer to eat on the island counter at the kitchen.

4. Tradition, origin and religion. Some kasambahays do not eat meat. Some can’t take fresh water fish because they’ve lived by the sea all their life. We’ve even had kasambahays who don’t eat our favorite leafy vegetables because where they are from, those veggies grow everywhere. To them it’s like eating grass.

5. Even if you want them to eat the same food as you to make them feel welcome and part of the family, it just cannot happen all the time. Just because the preferences are different. It’s like my wife not wanting to share beef salpicao or sisig with me because she stays away from meat. So what does one do? Force them or change orders to fit the preferences of the kasambahay? The obvious answer is to make the kasambahays choose, right? But that’s exactly the issue. Not all restaurants menus have taken their preferences in consideration.

For the reasons stated above, the concept of having “yaya meals” on the menu catering to the preferences of kasambahays and making it easier for their employers to order, sounds like a GOOD idea with a very BAD title.

I’ll end this post with a short story.

One time, we went to a mall to celebrate the birthday of a valued kasambahay. My thinking was, make the experience different to make it memorable. I told her to pick a restaurant, any restaurant. She couldn’t decide, didn’t want to decide. I then offered different restaurants, different cuisines, to which I received blank stares. I could read her thought balloon, “Ano’ng meron dun?”. So I had to accept that my initial idea wasn’t going to work.

We ended up in the food court. I chose something I haven’t had in a long time. My wife went for something she can’t have on a regular day. The kids went with their favorites. And the kasambahay chose McDonald’s, and the cheeseburger meal, as the most appropriate birthday meal for herself because it’s what makes her feel good.

Now, if those considerations are to exist in a resort’s menu, it might just help make a perfect vacation for everyone.

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As an advertising professional, this so-called statement is insulting my intelligence. A bunch of liars. Apparently, wala talagang TRUTH sa Bench. Puro NAKED lang talaga.



1. They admitted that when they released the billboard, the hands were already blackened. They are also claiming that they submitted to the ASC a version that was blurred. Blackened is not the same as blurred. Assuming that both premises are true, what they eventually released was not what they submitted. I maintain that ASC, being a self regulatory body made up of advertising professionals and industry volunteers will not approve of that layout with a blackened portion.

2. If it was true that it was the interpretation of their printer on how to comply with the approved version, they would have done it neatly and nicely and probably with Photoshop. Not like it was vandalized or haphazardly done. They made it look like it was defaced.

3. And mind you, the way it spread was not organic. It was through a media publication’s website and a social media account of someone close to the project.

4. Let’s talk about the images circulating showing the hands of Nino and Vince. According to Bench, the rendered version which showed the hands was seeded as part of their PR campaign. So they seeded pictures of something they thought was disapproved? Malicious ha. And not to mention that they intended the public to believe that these were actual pictures and not computer manipulated.

5. They discovered the governing body’s clarified stance recently in Rappler?! That should have been clarified with the ASC directly during the course of their seeking of approval.

6. And now they would “like to propose a replacement… with that of the original image, hands clasped”. How convenient. So everything comes down to a miscom.

To every one who feels insulted the same way I do, girl, boy, lesbian, gay, bisexual o transgender ka man, sabayan n’yo ako. EXCUSE ME, HINDI AKO TANGA.



And….. it seems like this campaign is even a rip off of an old GAP campaign. #tgssshhh #serialoffender #SonofaBench #Plagiarism

See this: http://adage.com/article/creativity-pick-of-the-day/gap-celebrates-kinds-love-star-studded-holiday-campaign/238293/

Business partners & service providers that are compensated properly are pretty much like employees who are paid well. Chances are, they will work hard for you, give more than what’s expected, go the extra mile. That’s just simply a natural effect of being contented. Shortchange them and you’ll eventually see uninspired output, cookie-cutter solutions, and pwede na ‘yan (mediocre) work. 

When paying for services (of any kind), we all should remember that:

1. Proper and fair compensation is a prequisite to earning the right to complain. You can’t unreasonably insist on paying half the fare and expect to get a full seat.

2. More often than not, you will get what you pay for. A rare bargain is just that- rare.  If it comes, be thankful, get excited. You see, a bargain won’t be a bargain if everything else was a bargain.

3. Dangle a meager piece of meat and vultures will come. That’s right- vultures, not people. I kid you not, service from people is way better than service from vultures.

4. Happy people are the ones in the best position to provide good service. Fact is, it is almost impossible to make someone else feel satisfied when you are not. And in business, proper compensation has a lot to do with ensuring happiness and satisfaction.

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I’ve always said that the most useful life skill (for me) is not the ability to learn from your own mistakes, but the ability to learn from OTHER people’s mistakes. Why go through the pain and suffering yourself, right? Anyway, this debacle involving PLDT and its ambitious marketing effort involving Smart Gilas and the NBA called the The Last Home Stand can be a source of lessons for all of us.

Lesson No. 1: Transparency Is The Best Policy

Disguise the event as a charity thing to circumvent NBA rules? Come on. Then use “The Last Home Stand” as the title? The world knows we made it to the FIBA world championships in Spain.

Lesson No. 2: Clarity Is The Best Policy

Let’s assume that what the organizers said was true- that they never really advertised an actual game. But did they communicate exactly what was going to happen? Did they make sure that people were clear what they were paying for? Heck, even the Gilas players thought they were playing an actual game. For those ticket prices I was actually even expecting that there’ll be a selfie photo opp with a player of your choice.

Lesson No. 3: Humility Is The Best Policy

When you’re at fault, it’s only proper to apologize. Sincerely. And the apology should sound like an apology. Full stop.

Lesson No. 4: Honesty Is The Best Policy

We get into deep shit when we’re not. We get into deeper shit when we try to cover up the shit we’re in with more partial-truths.

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Don’t Play With A Flappy Bird!

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There’s a new phone/tablet game that has become quite popular recently.  It’s called Flappy Bird.  The game is pretty simple, and the graphics are a non-event. Flappy Bird

Dinelete ko agad ang app. Sayang kasi ang iPhone ‘pag naihagis ko lang sa inis. Kung ako sa inyo ‘wag nyo na idownload. 

But in the short span of time I played it, I was able to pick up a few “life lessons” that I want to share with everyone.  Lalong-lalo na sa mga Pinoys na alam naman natin kung ano ang unang pumapasok sa isip kapag narinig ang salitang “bird”.

Life Lessons Learned From Flappy Bird:

1. Mahirap laruin ang isang flappy bird.
2. Mapapamura ka ‘pag nilaro mo ang isang flappy bird.
3. Kung nageenjoy ka laruin ang flappy bird, wala ka siguro ibang malaro.
4. Or hindi ka makapaniwala na hindi mo kayang laruin ang isang flappy bird kaya nachachallenge ka.
5. Hindi ka liligaya sa isang flappy bird. 
6. Daig ng angry bird ang flappy bird. 

Have a nice day.


Additional lessons from my Facebook Page =):

7. Kayang paangatin ng pumipindot-pindot na hinlalaki ang flappy bird.
8. Matatawag na talent (o angking galing) ang kakayahang mapalipad ang isang flappy bird na gamit ang daliri lamang.
9. Ang pang gigigil ay maaring ikamatay ng flappy bird.
10. Ang flappy bird pag nabangga, game over. 
11. Hirap ang flappy bird pasukin ang masikip.

To the people who frown upon people like me who comment about the government, I apologize for not having the kind of patience you have. And good for you that you are not as sick to the stomach as we are. If wanting to shut us up makes you feel like a better person, fine, we can respect that. To be honest, it sucks to feel this way. But we can’t help it, it’s what we feel. And the facts are just too glaring to ignore.

On a personal note, please allow me to explain. My comments that point out inadequacies, inconsistencies and incompetencies, are not getting in the way of me helping. I’ve helped in every way I can, in every way I know how given the circumstances.

And you know what, to my mind, these comments of ours will help. It will help because we are refusing to accept the mediocrity of the system we have right now. We believe this country deserves better, our children deserve better. This kind of refusal to lower our standards will push us into really wanting to make things better. It will help us not to forget. And we are hoping that maybe it will also help others not to forget.

Mawalang-galang na po, but to those who have already accepted that this is as good a government as we can possibly have, then maybe it’s you who’s not helping.

Some of you preach that we should be part of the solution instead of just pointing out the problems. Trust me, a lot of people can do both at the same time. This is part of me being part of the solution. I am quite certain that if more people recognize and accept that there is a problem then we’ll have more people who can help work at a solution.

As I raise my expectations from my government, I am also trying my best to raise my contribution as a citizen. So please don’t worry about me.

I will continue to comment. I will continue to complain when I see just cause. I will continue to encourage people to keep on pushing until we get a kind of government that takes public service to heart. The kind that we can trust to take care of our children and our children’s children. Not the kind that puts politics and personal gain ahead of service.

Salamat po and may you have a meaningful week ahead.


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“Tangina, ang ganda ng OTJ!”, sabi ng mga friends ko sa advertising.  Sinusuggest nila na panoorin ko din. Gusto ko naman talaga s’ya panoorin dahil kilala ko ang mga tao behind the scenes. Nakakatrabaho ko sila at gusto ko sila bigyan ng konting brotherly love. Kaso ang iniisip ko, di kaya nagagandahan lang ang mga nagrerecomenda dahil kilala nila personally ang mga gumawa? Bias kumbaga? O yung tinatawag na “love your own” ‘di ba? Objective kasi ako na tao kaya natakot ako na baka hindi ako magandahan, magsisi lang ako.

Pero hindi. Hindi ako nagsisi. Tangina ang ganda nga. Tangina ang galing ng kwento at pagkakagawa. Walang eksena na walang pakinabang. Tangina sakto ang casting at panalo ang acting. Yung mapaos-paos na SPO1 Joey Marquez. Pati na din yung mautal-utal na jail guard William Martinez. Si hitman Joel Torre, given na yun. Mahusay talaga yung mama. Si reckless understudy Gerald, kahit ginawang gusgusin pogi pa din. Si Leo Martinez bilang mastermind ng kawalanghiyaan, classic. Nagpe-playback sa isip ko yung “Kawatan! Kawatan! Kawatan ang daddy ko!” na linya sa isang pelikula na kasali s’ya years ago. Si Piolo bilang hotshot na NBI agent na may asawang cutie na si Shaina, sige na nga, napaniwala naman ako.

Pero bilang ako, ang pinakagusto ko sa pelikula ay yung mga tagos na aral na mapupulot. Ang dami. Yun ang nagpasulit ng bayad para sa ‘kin. Ito ang putang este pitong aral na pinakapaborito ko:

1. Tanga ang mga nagsasabing, “Ikaw naman ang papakasalan ko, hindi ang pamilya mo.” Hindi mo yun mahihiwalay. Pag pinakasalan mo s’ya, pinakasalan mo din ang pamilya n’ya.

2. Hindi porket nagtatanga-tangahan ang babae eh tanga talaga s’ya. Maaaring hindi s’ya naive. Baka sinastylan ka lang.

3. Ang mga bagay na hindi makuha sa pakiusap ay maaaring daanin sa alindog. Pero ang mga bagay na nadaan sa alindog, maaaring hindi magtagal. Baka bukas lang makalimutan na.

4. Kasama sa ipapamana mo sa mga anak mo ay ang mga kalokohang ginawa mo. Kaya kung mahal mo ang mga anak mo, umayos ka.

5. Mag-ingat sa mga tubero. Chaka sa mga kumpare. So kung may kumpare kang tubero doble dapat ang pagiingat.

6. Pwedeng ikamatay ang pagbabalik-Honda kung nakatikim na ng Range Rover.

7. Sa kasamaan, madaling pumasok pero mahirap lumabas. Baka nga hindi ka na makalabas.


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