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I’ve always wondered about the origin of the term, “French exit”. But we all sort of know what it means. It’s when people suddenly leave without saying (proper) goodbyes, right?

In the advent of “BREXIT”, we may now be seeing the birth of a new term- “a British Exit”. Its final meaning will really depend on how this thing pans out in the days to come. Here are 3 possible future definitions of “a British exit” using situations that are all too familiar to us (especially during parties).

OPTION A: When a person leaves without really knowing why he/she actually left.

Brexit A

“Oh guys, I gotta run! Have somewhere important to go to.”

But as he/she exits the door, she asks himself/herself, “Where was I going again?” and proceeds to texting mom to ask what was that important thing he/she had to attend to.

OPTION B: When a person leaves and then immediately regrets it.

Brexit B
“Hey guys! Gotta go! Bye now!”

But as soon as he/she leaves, he/she realizes,


For so many possible reasons. Maybe he/she didn’t finish her drink. Maybe his/her crush was still there. Maybe if he/she stayed longer she could have found the one. Etc. Etc.

Option C: When a person says that he/she is leaving, announces it to everyone in the room, but for some (or whatever) reason, doesn’t actually leave.

Brexit C

“Hey everyone! I’m going! Bye! See you around!”

But after a while, he/she is still there!

Coz you know, referendums, just like goodbyes, are just advisory and not really binding.


That’s it! Let’s see what usage “a British exit” eventually takes.